Jaimie Branch. 1983-2022.

Yesterday we lost one of our community. A unique creative force and beautiful soul is gone far too soon.

“Jaimie Branch could conjure a world of personal expression with her trumpet, sounding brash and conflagratory one moment, bleary and contemplative the next. What she always conveyed with her horn, in any setting, was an absolute whole-body conviction. One reason she became a beloved linchpin of the creative music community over the last decade was this spirit of gutsy intensity. (…) She was a welcome presence on the Festival of New Trumpet Music in New York, which presented her as early as 2007, and on multiple occasions since.” – Nate Chinen, NPR

“She brought us so many insights into how the trumpet could engage in the music differently,” trumpeter and composer Dave Douglas, the founder of Festival of New Trumpet Music, tells NPR. “She had a vision for synthesizing the voices of her inspirations and taking them to new levels no one had thought possible. It’s a tragic loss for our community.”

We will miss you immensely ❤️

“All the music that ever was and ever will be is here now. It exists in a cloud just above our heads and when we play, we pluck it out of the ether for a lil while before sending it back up.” – Jaimie Branch

📷 Festival of New Trumpet Music 2018, by Lukas Frei