About the Festival of New Trumpet Music

The Festival of New Trumpet Music is committed to the support of new music by a diverse community of trumpet and brass players, and the presentation of their work to the public.

The Festival aims to promote opportunity, encourage diversity, and enable community for and among trumpet players and those with whom they work. Through programming and educational events, FONT Music strives towards three main goals:

  1. Celebrating and promoting the diversity of contemporary music related to the trumpet by presenting the broadest possible idea of what a trumpet player can do.
  2. Confronting and challenging traditional boundaries of gender, race, and culture in the music field by presenting the broadest possible idea of who a trumpet player can be.
  3. Supporting emerging artists and creative pioneers through concerts, commissions, and other opportunities.

FONT Music works with trumpet players and composers to assist them in realizing their artistic vision. By connecting artists with venues, funding and promotional resources, FONT Music attempts to make this process as open and collaborative as possible.

The Festival’s work is centered on the production of a two festival of concerts and workshops held annually in New York City in September, as well as off-season and satellite events, and collaborative artist services. FONT also presents an annual Award of Recognition to a distinguished trumpet player who has made an important contribution to the instrument.

The FONT Music Board are working trumpet players committed to expanding the opportunities for our instrument as well as for our fellow musicians. We embrace the process of collaboration with other players and composers that comes with producing FONT Music as it deepens our understanding of what is possible.

FONT Music is a 501(c)(3) non-profit charitable organization.


Dave Douglas
artistic director
Rich Johnson
Lukas Frei
graphics and web design
Suzannah Kincannon

Stephanie Richards – stephrichards.com
Jeremy Pelt – www.jeremypelt.net
John Blevins – johnblevinsmusic.com
David Adewumi – davidadewumimusic.com
Riley Mulherkar – www.rileymulherkar.com
Ingrid Jensen – ingridjensen.com
Nabate Isles
Tom Anderson
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