Video archive 2021

Brass Without Borders became the theme of the 2021 festival and once again brought together the worldwide trumpet community, at least virtually.

We are particularly proud to support gender parity on the instrument and in the field. For the first time, male and female artists were presented in equal numbers. This important development continues the festival’s dedication to the broadest possible view of what constitutes trumpet music. There is always more work to do, but this is a wonderful development for the field. 

The annual Award of Recognition was presented to trumpeter and composer Randy Brecker for his longtime contributions to the field.

We hope you’ll enjoy the following performances from our 19th annual festival. Please consider donating to help support future festivals.

Sept 8, 2021
Hermon Mehari, Axel Dörner, Balkan Paradise Orchestra

Sept 9, 2021
Kali Rodriguez-Peña, Gunhild Seim, Milena Casado

Sept 10, 2021
Birgit Ulher, Richard Nant, Sarah Wilson
Sept 11, 2021
Verneri Pohjola, Suzan Veneman, Audrey Powne
Sept 12, 2021
Lina Allemano, Sheila Maurice-Grey, Lukas Frei
Sept 13, 2021
Delbert Anderson feat. DDAT, Adam Cuthbert, Emily Kuhn
Sept 14, 2021
Mary Elizabeth Bowden, Mao Soné
Sept 15, 2021
Randy Brecker – Award of Recognition


Sept 12, 2021
Yazz Ahmed