Festival 2023

The 21st Festival of New Trumpet Music continues with an array of currently emerging and pioneering talent around the instrument. FONT Music’s program once again demonstrates the kaleidoscopically diverse musical universes that the trumpet creates and inhabits. A celebration of Dizzy Reece, produced by Jeremy Pelt, will take place alongside concerts from some of New York and the world’s most exciting voices on the trumpet — in New York live shows and in online recorded presentations.


Sept 7 • Fotografiska New York • 7pm
281 Park Ave South, New York NY
Jeff Beal with Mark Isham and Keyon Harrold
$45 (includes museum entrance)

Jeff Beal (tp/comp), Mark Isham (tp/comp), Keyon Harrold (tp), John Patitucci (b), Gary Versace (p), Rudy Royston (dr), Tomoko Akaboshi (vl), Andie Tanning (vl), Angela Pickett (vla), Sachi Patitucci (cello)

Sept 8 • The New School • 8pm
55 West 13th Street, Jazz Performance Space (5th floor), New York NY
Kal Ferretti / Michael Golub
$20 (free admission for students)

Kal Ferretti (tp), Michael Golub (tp), Noam Avnon (p), Jasper Grigsby-Schulte (b), Rintaro Mikami (dr)

Sept 9 • Virtual (YouTube) • 7pm
Award Of Recognition
Tribute to Dizzy Reece by Jeremy Pelt

Dizzy Reece & Jeremy Pelt

Jeremy Pelt celebrates pioneering trumpeter Dizzy Reece with a very special video tribute created for the festival. Includes testimonials from some of our generation’s greatest players. Tune in with us on September 9 to honor living legend Dizzy Reece.

Sept 10 • Bella Abzug Park • 4-7pm CANCELLED (due to bad weather)
Hudson Yards, 34 St and Hudson Ave, New York NY
Ben Neill – Trove

Sept 10 • The New School • 7pm
55 West 13th Street, Ernst C. Stiefel Hall (4th floor), New York NY
Kelly Rossum & Fifth Bridge
$20 (free admission for students)

Fifth Bridge

Jason Crafton (tp), Gabriel DiMartino (tp), Nadje Noordhuis (tp), Kelly Rossum (tp), Peyden Shelton (tp)

This special performance will be featuring new music by Niloufar Nourbakhsh, John Hollenbeck, Nadje Noordhuis and Kelly Rossum.

Sept 11 • Virtual (YouTube) • 7pm
Brass Without Borders I

Heidi Bayer (Germany)

KORSH – Heidi Bayer (tp/flh), Sven Decker (ts/bcl), Kalle Moberg (acc), Robert Landfermann (b), Oliver Steidle (dr)

Hilde Marie Holsen (Norway)

Holsen & Cassiers – Lynn Cassiers (voc/objects/electr), Hilde Marie Holsen (tp/electr)

Yannick Barman (Switzerland/Taiwan)

KiKu – Yannick Barman (tp/electr), Cyril Regamey (dr)

Sept 12 • Virtual (YouTube) • 7pm
Brass Without Borders II

Jessica Carlton (Australia)

Jessica Carlton (tp), Kristian Borring (g), Josiah Padmanabham (p), Zac Grafton (b), Alex Reid (drums)

Susana Santos Silva (Portugal)

Susana Santos Silva (tp)

Sept 13 • Threes Brewing • 8pm
333 Douglass St, Brooklyn NY
Dave Adewumi / Kellin Hanas
(Donation, $15 suggested)

Dave Adewumi Presents Altus

Altus – Dave Adewumi (tp), Nathan Reising (as), Neta Raanan (ts), Isaac Levien (b), Ryan Sands (dr)

Kellin Hanas Quintet

Kellin Hanas (tp), Veronica Leahy (sax), Ethan Ostrow (p), Aidan McCarthy (b), Quinton Cain (dr)

Sept 14 • The Owl Music Parlor • 7:30pm
497 Rogers Ave, Brooklyn NY
Ray Larsen / Allison Philips / Kenny Warren
(Donation, $15 suggested)

Ray Larsen

Ray Larsen (tp), Sara Schoenbeck (bn), Andy Clausen (tb), Ryan El-Solh (g)

Allison Philips

Allison Philips (tp), Neta Raanan (ts), Isaac Levien (b), Zack O’Farrill (dr)

Kenny Warren

Sweet World – Kenny Warren (tp), Christopher Hoffman (vlc), Nathan Ellman-Bell (dr)