FONT Music Canada 2015 Highlights

Merci & Thank You for an amazing Festival!

Opening night of Festival of New Trumpet Music Canada 2015. Trumpet section of Altsys Jazz Orchestra plays Bill Mahar’s arrangement of Kenny Wheeler’s “Solo One”. From left to right on trumpet: Bill Mahar, Jocelyn Couture, Aaron Doyle. FONT Music Canada 2015 is dedicated to trumpeter/composer Kenny Wheeler.

FONT Music Canada 2015: Night 1 & 2 Highlights:

  • Jake Henry’s Sweet Talk: Jake Henry – trumpet, Dustin Carlson – guitar, Cody Brown – drums
  • Joes Sullivan Quintet: Joe Sullivan – trumpet, André Leroux – tenor sax, Andre White – piano, Dave Laing – drums.
  • Pink Saliva: Ellwood Epps -trumpet, Michel F Côté drums/microphones, Alexandre St-Onge electric bass/laptop.
  • Stephanie Richards’ Urban Survayor Project (NYC): Stephanie Richards trumpet, James Carney- piano, Sam Minaie -bass, Andrew Munsey – drums.

FONT Music Canada 2015: night 3 Highlights:

  • Frédéric Demers – trumpet & Sonia Paço-Rocchia – electronics.
  • Aaron Shragge -dragon mouth trumpet & Ben Monder Guitar
  • Ingrid Jensen quartet with Ben Monder – guitar, Fraser Hollins – bass, Greg Richie – drums.

Festival of New Trumpet Music Canada 2015 was dedicated to:


Kenny Wheeler (1930-2014)