December 17, 2018

FONTWest San Diego, January 2019

San Diego
January 20-27, 2019

FONT co-director Stephanie Richards became a faculty member of the University of California San Diego Department of Music in 2017. She and Dan Atkinson, a Grammy-nominated jazz producer and artistic director for UC San Diego Urban, have put together the first-ever West Coast edition of FONT, FONT West, for one week in January 2019. The festival involves the collaboration of leading San Diego arts organizations including the Athenaeum Music & Arts Library, Digital Gym Cinema, UC San Diego Department of Music, Panama 66, The Loft, Fresh Sound, San Diego Symphony, Quartyard, and UC San Diego Urban.

Full program available here:

May 4, 2018

FONT Jr 2018

The Festival of New Trumpet Music is announcing FONT Jr 2018: A Modern Jazz Trumpet Workshop & Concert with Michael Rodriguez on Sunday, September 9th. This event is hosted by New York University Steinhardt Jazz Studies and The New School, and it is FREE to participating students.

Please go to for further information. Your assistance in sharing this opportunity with interested students is greatly appreciated.

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May 1, 2018

David Sanford’s Seven Kings

David Sanford’s Seven Kings, a multi-movement work for brass quintet and trumpet soloist inspired by the complex interplay in King Oliver’s Creole Jazz Band, was commissioned by the Festival of New Trumpet Music and Chamber Music America in 2009 and premiered in January 2010 featuring the Meridian Arts Ensemble and Dave Ballou. The current issue of the Chamber Music Magazine features this piece and a part of the score.

Chamber Music Magazine (p 72)

Listen to Seven Kings

April 6, 2018

Sound Prints – Scandal

Today Greenleaf Music is releasing Scandal, the second recording from Sound Prints, the quintet co-led by the great Joe Lovano and FONT Music’s artistic director Dave Douglas.

The group, which also features pianist Lawrence Fields, bassist Linda May Han Oh and veteran drummer Joey Baron, heads off into swinging, heartfelt and sophisticated new territory inspired by visionary Wayne Shorter. Two of Shorter’s pieces receive special treatment.


December 19, 2017

Impressions 2017

“For 15 years FONT has been working to create meaningful social and musical experiences for the trumpet community and beyond, and we’ve celebrated ideas that are new, different, in and out, for every step of the way.”
— Stephanie Richards

Each year at FONT Music, we widen our embrace of trumpet artists with emerging voices, pioneering voices, voices that remind us of our histories, and voices that challenge our notion of diversity and ideas of evolution. This year we had a chorus of progressive sound resonating throughout this city and we thank you for joining us for FONT 2017.

Your support of a tax-deductible donation helps sustain this work – presenting and supporting new ways of thinking about music, life and the world in which we live.

Creative evolution fulfills our highest human potential, and every year we shine a spotlight on some the brilliant voices that are evolving the trumpet scene today. Thank you to our partners, volunteers, and to all of you who are supporting our efforts to continue giving a voice to this astonishing music community. We’re glad you’re here.

We look forward to seeing you in 2018!

July 6, 2017

FONT Music opens September 8, 2017

From September 8 through 14, New York’s award winning Festival of New Trumpet Music (FONT Music) returns with Impact: Celebrating 15 Years of Boundary-Breaking Music.

Impact is not only the title of an album by trumpeter Charles Tolliver, who is being honored with the FONT Music Award of Recognition, but it is also a celebration of the new music being created by the strong community of brass players FONT Music has helped build over the last 15 years in New York and beyond.

The Award, to be presented on Sunday, September 10 at The New School, acknowledges Tolliver as a remarkable talent who has gained an outstanding reputation as a trumpeter, bandleader, composer, arranger and educator. The program will include a panel discussion about Musician Self Determination and Creative Empowerment moderated by Dave Douglas. Panelists include Charles Tolliver, Keyon Harrold, and Meghan Stabile.

Other Festival highlights include

  • FONT Music’s return to Dizzy’s Club Coca-Cola at Jazz at Lincoln Center with“The Flow Anthology” curated by Keyon Harrold, and including trumpeters Marquis Hill, and Maurice Brown.
  • The Wing Walker Orchestra featuring Jason Palmer and Jonathan Finlayson, with the Oskar Stenmark Quartet, Danny Gouker’s Signal Problems, and the Allison Phillips Trio.
  • High and Mighty Brass Band and Slavic Soul Party celebrating groove-based brass band music from around the world.
  • A multi-trumpet celebration of FONT Music’s 15th anniversary presented by Dave Douglas.

Since 2003, FONT Music, directed by trumpeter and composer Dave Douglas, has presented exceptional programs of new trumpet music across genres. Along with trumpeter and longtime FONT Music collaborator Stephanie Richards, Douglas and his core team have this year invited trumpeters Keyon Harrold, Richards, and John Blevins to contribute their unique visions to this extraordinary program.

You can access the full press release and other press materials here:

Please contact us at  if you’d like further information. Thanks for your interest.

The FONT Music Team

March 4, 2017

FONT Music in the Spring!

Join us for our Spring performance on March 15. Nadja Noordhuis, trumpeter and FONT Music Board member, will perform with her Quintet!

Join us for our Spring performance on March 15. Nadja Noordhuis, trumpeter and FONT Music Board member, will perform with her Quintet!

Don’t miss this special FONT Music Spring Event at The New School on March 15th

The Nadje Noorduis Quintet

Nadje Noordhuis – trumpet
Sara Caswell – violin
Gary Versace – piano, accordion
Matt Clohesy – bass
Obed Calvaire – drums

Click here to check out an interview with Nadje on our blog

March 15th – 7pm

Glass Box Performance Space – 1st floor

55 West 13th Street, NYC

$20 suggested donation to FONT – Students are FREE

Click here to RSVP & Invite Others

February 14, 2017

Impressions 2016

Trumpeters Dave Douglas, Stephanie Richards, Marquis Hill, Taylor Ho Bynum, Michael Gurfield, Aaron Shragge and John Blevins all contributed their unique visions to 2016’s forward-looking program in venues across New York City. 

Thanks to all the musicians for their vision, inspiration and dedication! And thanks to all of our supporters and those who recognize the importance of new creative music for the trumpet.

Videos/Editing by Lukas Frei

January 21, 2017

Meet Allison Philips

How did you become a trumpet player?
I started playing trumpet in the 3rd grade, but my fascination started about a year before. In 2nd grade for African American History Month, I wrote a report on Louis Armstrong. As a kid, I grew up watching VHS’s of old movie musicals, and one of my favorites was “High Society” which is probably where I got the idea. I also remember watching “Cabin in the Sky” as “research.”
My parents always had WBGO on in the car but were not musical themselves. So in 3rd grade, there was this add in the school newsletter, a high school student looking for beginner trumpet students, and my mom gave her a call. The rest is history!

Did you play other instruments before the trumpet? If so, did those instruments inform how you played trumpet? Or did your view of how music is played change once becoming a trumpeter?
I had zero musical training before I started playing the trumpet. Any knowledge of how music fit together didn’t really happen until I started really studying jazz. 

Were there recordings in the beginning and even years into learning the instrument that drew you into the trumpet’s sound and possibilities?
I think in the extreme beginning definitely the recordings of Louis Armstrong with Ella Fitzgerald played a big role. When I first started getting into jazz and learning how to improvise I was definitely very into the early Jazz Messengers stuff, especially Moanin’ with Lee Morgan and then Clifford Brown on the Live at Birdland Album. I was super lucky to have two great trumpet teachers throughout high school to point me in the right direction. Tatum Greenblatt was my private instructor, and then every Saturday I got to hang with the former jazz messenger Valery Ponomarev at the NJPAC Jazz For Teens program in Newark. Both of those guys hipped me to quite a few great records.  The Dexter Gordon album Homecoming Live at The Village Vanguard with Woody Shaw was also a biggie. I also, sort of by accident, came across the self-titled Booker Little album when I was around 14 or 15, he’s definitely been a huge influence since then. 

If you had to identify with one or two gurus, trumpeters or otherwise, who had the greatest impact on your musical journey to date, whom would they be?
Oof, that’s a tough question. I’ve been super lucky to get to study with a whole bunch of trumpet gurus over the years.
I was incredibly lucky to study with the biggest guru of them all, Laurie Frink, my first two years at the New School. I like to think she taught me how to practice. The idea of gradually challenging yourself, and changing your routine as you evolve, so you continue to grow is something I think about every day.
The second two years of my time at The New School my primary teacher was Ingrid Jensen, who’s style of teaching was very different than Laurie’s, but incredibly complimentary. I think Ingrid was incredibly instrumental in helping me develop my own voice on the horn. It was Ingrid who gave me the idea to do my masters in Europe.

Who is your favorite trumpeter today and what song best exemplifies why this trumpeter is so inspiring?
Also a tricky question. I find myself going back to Avishai Cohen quite a bit. His playing on the Mark Turner Quartet album Lathe of Heaven is amazing. His first album “The Trumpet Player” was also a pretty big game changer for me when I first heard it. Ron Miles is another guy who I have not checked out nearly enough.