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August 15, 2014

FONT 2014


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September 17th-28th


July 25, 2014

Sila: The Breath of the World World Premiere

07-25-Adams-John-LutherFriday, July 25, 2014 at 6:00, Free, Saturday, July 26, 2014 at 6:00

In a co-presentation with Lincoln Center Out of Doors, the 2014 summer festivities begin with the world premiere of American composer John Luther Adams’s Sila: The Breath of the World. In the Inuit tradition, sila is the spirit that animates all things—the wind, the weather, and all forces of nature. In Adams’s piece, composed specifically to be heard out of doors, musicians and listeners alike are encouraged to move about the perfromance space freely.


  • Doug Perkins, musical director M|M
  • Mark DeChiazza, choreographer M|M
  • Sylvianne Shurman, costume consultant
  • Featuring members of
  • Asphalt Orchestra M|M
  • Cadillac Moon Ensemble M|M
  • Contemporaneous M|M
  • The Crossing M|M
  • eighth blackbird M|M
  • Face the Music M|M
  • Grand Valley State University New Music Ensemble M|M
  • Hotel Elefant M|M
  • JACK Quartet M|M
  • TILT Brass M|M

May 5, 2014

Greenleaf Music Podcast with FONT Vice President Stephanie Richards

Trumpeter and composer Steph Richards gets deep with the ANTD team and talks composition, improvisation, music w/ theatrical elements. There’s certainly some trumpet nerd out stuff too. Dave talks about a Laurie Frink scholarship and plays Michael some music from Henry Cow and Ornette Coleman.


River Euphrates-Steph Richards arr. Francis Black of the Pixies w/Asphalt Orchestra (unreleased)
Rotations-Steph Richards Live @ Jane’s Carousel 2012, Brooklyn (unreleased)
Trains (shape no. 5)-Steph Richards with the Deli Trio, Live at Korzo 2014 (unreleased)
Chant-Brandon Ross’ Pendulum, Live at Nublu 2013 (unreleased)
March-Steph Richards, The Calendar Suite (unreleased)
Nirvana For Mice-Henry Cow, Leg End (Virgin Records)
Voice Poetry-Ornette Coleman, Body Meta (Polygram Records)

February 24, 2014

Arts for Art: Roy Campbell Day Memorial at Roulette

Wednesday February 26th, 2014

Roy Campbell Day Memorial

at Roulette

6:45PM – 7:00PM – Slide Show: 

The Music of Roy Campbell

7:00PM – 7:15PM – Intro Speak: 

Valerie Morris – sister of Roy Campbell will make the opening talk

7:15PM – 7:30PM – Opening song – Prayer

Fay Victor – voice, Charles Downs – drums, Andy Bemkey – piano, William Parker – bass, composition

7:30PM – 7:45PM – Ahkenaten Ensemble

Brian Carrott – vibes, Hill Greene – bass, Jason Kao Hwang – violin, Warren Smith – drums

7:45PM – 8:00PM – Hempstead Louis Armstrong Jazz Program

Bobby Sanabria – drums, Craig Harris – trombone, Charenee Wade -voice, Bruce Edwards – guitar, Donald Hanson – saxophone, Hill Greene – bass, Chris Sullivan – bass, Bevin Turnbull – piano, Christine Bard – drums

8:00PM – 8:15PM – Piano: 

Stephanie Stone

8:15PM – 8:30PM – Nemesis: 

Matt Lavelle – trumpet, Flip Barnes – trumpet, Asim Barnes – guitar, Warren Smith – drums

8:30PM – 8:45PM – Nicholson Solo: 

Patricia Nicholson – dance, words

8:45PM – 9:00PM – Tazz: 

Joe McPhee – trumpet and sax, Dennis Gonzalez – trumpet, Andy Bemkey – piano, Chris Sullivan – bass, Michael T.A. Thompson – drums

9:00PM – 9:15PM – NU Band: 

Mark Whitecage – alto, clarinet, Joe Fonda – bass, Lou Grassi – drums

9:30PM – 9:45PM – For Roy: 

William Hooker- drums, Henry Grimes – bass, Connie Crothers – piano, Daniel Carter – sax and trumpet, Ras Moshe – sax

9:45PM – 10:00PM – Roy Campbell Film by O’Haire and Sternbach:

Short documentary by Robert O’Haire and Michael Lucio Sternbach

10:00PM – 10:30PM – Roy Campbell’s “Thanks to the Creator”: 

Dave Douglas – trumpet, Lewis Barnes – trumpet, Matt Lavelle – trumpet, Dennis Gonzalez – trumpet, Frank London – trumpet, Taylor Ho Bynum – cornet, Ted Daniel – cornet, Graham Haynes – cornet, Joe Daley – tuba, Dave Hofstra – tuba, Steve Swell – trombone, Masahiko Kono- trombone, Andrew Lamb – sax, Daniel Carter – sax, Rob Brown – sax, James Brandon Lewis – sax, Mark Whitecage – sax, Avram Fefer – sax, Dave Sewelson – sax, Andrew Bemkey – piano, Hill Greene – bass, Chris Sullivan – bass, Jason Kao Hwang – violin, Mazz Swift – violin, Henry Grimes – violin, Juan Quinones – guitar, Garrison Fewell – guitar, Fay Victor – voice, Lisa Sokolov – voice, Ellen Christi – voice, Kyoko Kitamura – voice, Kali Fasteau – voice, Lou Grassi – drums, Warren Smith – percussion

509 Atlantic Avenue
Brooklyn, NY 11217

February 22, 2014

New Music for Trumpet and Shakuhachi

Sunday, February 23, at 3:00 pm

 In this intimate concert, Aaron Shragge premieres new works for the Shakuhachi flute as well as the Dragon Mouth Trumpet. He has performed solo trumpet/shakuhachi in many different settings including hospitals, schools, museums and meditation centers throughout North America, Europe and Asia. Drawing from the Zen music of the Shakuhachi and North Indian Vocals, Aaron plays subtle, lyrical and microtonal nuances that create captivating atmospheres. Buy Tickets


photo by Erika Kapin